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Bring the Noise 2000

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Here it is!  The entire unreleased BTN2000 album in  format!  Download them all now!

Track 1: There Were More Hype Believers Than Ever in '97 (5:39)

Track 2: Welcome to the Terrordome (X-games remix) (5:44)
Track 3: Bring the Noise (1:59)
Track 4: You're Gonna Get Yours (:55)
Track 5: Whole Lotta Love Going On In the Middle Of Hell (1:33)
Track 6: Don't Believe the Hype (2:01)
Track 7: How to Kill a Radio Consultant (1:28)
Track 8: Night of the Living Baseheads (:57)
Track 9: Cold Lampin' (1:18)
Track 10: Move! (2:20)
Track 11: Welcome to the Terrordome (3:05)
Track 12: What Side You On? (1:07)
Track 13: Hazy Shade of Criminal (1:40)
Track 14: Buck Whylin' (1:07)
Track 15: Yo! Bum Rush the Show (1:29)
Track 16: 911 Is A Joke (1:33)
Track 17: Louder Than A Bomb (:50)
Track 18: Rebel Without A Pause (1:21)
Track 19: G'Damn That DJ Made My Day (1:05)
Track 20: Son of Public Enemy (:32)
Track 21: Burn Hollywood Burn (1:16)
Track 22: Incident at 66.6 FM (1:32)
Track 23: Live and Undrugged (1:59)
Track 24: She Watch Channel Zero?!?! (2:30)
Track 25: Fight the Power (2:52)
Track 26: Mind Deep (5:09)
Track 27: Mind Deep Instrumental (4:40)

Bring the Noise 2000 cover

Bring Us Noise
(Wintenthur 4.9.92) PE Live in Concert

Track 1:   Lost At Birth
Track 2:   Night of the Living Baseheads
Track 3:   Bring the Noise / Welcome to the Terrordome
Track 4:   Nighttrain
Track 5:   By the Time I Get to Arizona
Track 6:   Fight the Power
Track 7:   Gotta Do What I Gotta Do
Track 8:   Buck Whylin' / She Watch Channel Zero

Track 9:   How to Kill a Radio Consultant
Track 10: More News at 11

Track 11: A Letter to the NY Post / I Don't Wanna Be Called Yo Niga
Track 12: Rebel without a Pause / Public Enemy No. 1 / Don't Believe the Hype

Track 13: Shut Em Down
Track 14: 911 is a Joke

Track 15: Can't Truss It

There's a Poison Goin On Tour
Live @ the Gothic Theater in Denver 10.17.99

Now download the cover art by
mistachuck himself!!! (7.2 meg zipped)
Because of the detail of these files, they are in .psd (Adobe Photoshop format).  You will need a program capable of viewing .psd files in order to view and print these.

Disc 1
Track 1:   Intro
Track 2:   Prophets of Rage
Track 3:   Public Enemy No. 1
Track 4:   Can't Truss It 
Track 5:   911 is a Joke
Track 6:   Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos
Track 7:   He Got Game
Track 8:   Group introduction
Track 9:   Here I Go 
Track 10: Crayola 
Track 11: Crash
Track 12: DJ Lord 
Track 13: Give It Up 
Track 14: Don't Believe the Hype 
Track 15: Old School Shoutouts 
Track 16: Rebel Without a Pause 
Track 17: First the Sheep Next the Shepherd 
Track 18: By the Time I Get to Arizona 
Track 19: Fight the Power 
Track 20: Resurrection - My Uzi Weighs a Ton 

Disc 2
Track 1:   Flav intro 
Track 2:   What What 
Track 3:   Flav speech 
Track 4:   41 shots 
Track 5:   Welcome to the Terrordome - Bring the Noise - Night of the Living Baseheads 
Track 6:   Shut Em Down - The Hot 1 - Timebomb - Cold Lampin 
Track 7:   Do You Wanna Go Our Way 
Track 8:   Brothers Gonna Work It Out 
Track 9:   She Watch Channel Zero 
Track 10: Do You Wanna Go Our Way (reprise) 
Track 11: Can't Do Nuttin For Ya Man
Track 12: DJ Lord 

More Rare Public Enemy / Chuck D / Flavor Flav tracks

Hell No We Ain't All Right - Public Enemy Katrina New Orleans song
Access to the Excess - Junkie XL & Chuck D
Burn Hollywood Burn - (Extended Censored Fried to the Radio Version)
By The Time I Get To Arizona - (Arizona Assassination Attempt Acca-Double Dub)
Can't Truss It - (Almighty Raw 125th Street Bootleg Mix)
Cuttin' Heads - John Mellencamp & Chuck D
Do You Wanna Go Our Way (Wayword Soul Mix)
Family Got To Get Busy - HEAL (w/ Chuck D)
Fight the Power - (Extended Mix)
Fight the Power - (Flavor Flav meets Spike Lee)
Fight the Power - (Radio Edit)
Get The F--- Outta Dodge - (Escapism 1991) (uncensored version)
Kool Thing - Sonic Youth w/ Chuck D
Legends Ain't Ready to Leave - Chuck D & Professor Griff
Lies - Spectrum City
(old school PE)
More News At 11 - (Extended Gary G-Wiz Mega Bomb)
PEizm - Abnormal & Public Enemy
Politics Of The Business - Chuck D & Ice-T
Powersaxx - Fight The Power Instrumental w/ saxaphone
Rise Above - Henry Rollins & Chuck D
Self Destruction - The Stop The Violence Movement (w/ PE)
Terrorbeat - A Terrordome remix / instrumental
Wake Up The Sleeping Giant - from
Twisted Forever: A Tribute To The Legendary Twisted Sister (Chuck D)
What Kinda Power We Got - (Long Version Project Fonk Fix)
Hypocrites - Professor Griff & Chuck D

1 2 3 Rhymes Galore - DJ Tomekk & Flavor Flav
America Eats the Young - Marley Marl, Tragedy the Intelligent Hoodlum, & Chuck D
Back from Hell - Run DMC with Chuck D
Ball of Confusion - from The Promised Land (Chuck D & Dapper Dan)
Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos - Chuck D w Rage Against the Machine (Live)
Bring The Noise - Live version with Anthrax from Anthrax Live The Island Years
Brothers Gonna Work It Out (Remix) - from Brothers Gonna Work It Out Summer Slammer
Burned Hollywood Burned - from the Bamboozled Sndtrk (Chuck D/The Roots/Zack De La Rocha)
Burnin - Flavor Flav
By the Time I Get to Arizona - Herb Alpert music version
Can You See? - Q Bik featuring mistachuck
Cant Do Nuttin For Ya Man (Bass In Your Face 12" Mix) - from Public Enemy Twelve Inch Mixes
Cant Do Nuttin For Ya Man (UK 12 Powermixx) - from Can't Do Nuttin For Ya Man single
Check Out The Radio - Spectrum City (old school PE)
Close The Crack House - Professor X and Chuck D
Destroy All Masters -  from One Million Strong (Chuck D & Melquan)
Down to Now - The Last Poets w/ Chuck D
Elvis Killed Kennedy - V-Ice & mistachuck
Endangered Species (Tales From The Darkside) - from Ice Cube's Amerikkka's Most Wanted
Everybody Pays the Man with the Cigar - from Mob Story: A Hip Hopera
Ferocious Soul - Muse Sick N Hour Mess Age Hidden track
Fight the Power - from Chuck D Presents Louder Than a Bomb
Fight the Power (extended mix) - from Fight the Power single
Forty Acres and a Mule - Success N Effect w/ Chuck D
Free at the Edge of an Answer - from Searching for Jimi Hendrix
Freeze The Frame - DJ Hurricane & Public Enemy
Funny Vibe - Living Colour, Chuck D and Flavor Flav
Generation Wrekkked Danny Saber Rock Remix - from Nowhere soundtrack
Generations - Kyle Jason w/ Chuck D
Git On Down - Flavor Flav solo
Give it up (Dirty drums in Memphis) - from Give It Up single
Gunslinging Bird or If Charlie Parker Were A Gunslinger, There'd Be A Whole Lot Of Dead Copycats - from Weird Nightmare: Meditations on Mingus (Chuck D reading)
He Got Game (DVD)
- (recorded from DVD - w/ 3rd verse)
He Got Game (Flavas Edit) - from He Got Game single
He Got Game (Spikes Edit) - from He Got Game single
He Got Game (with 3rd verse) - another version w/ 3rd verse
His Own Mind - Time Slip w/ mistachuck (unkind mix)
Hit Da Road Jack - from The Enemy Strikes Live video
I Stand Accused (Sleeks School of Self Defense Mixx) - from I Stand Accused single
Im Only Out For One Thang - from Ice Cube's Amerikkka's Most Wanted
Interlude (Flavor Flav B-Real & DJ Muggs) - from DJ Yutaka United Nations CD
It's the Pride - from Pump Ya Fist
Kill Em Live - from the Bulworth Soundtrack
Lets Get Loud - Chuck D, Busta Rhymes, MC Lyte, Phife Dog & Steven Tyler from 2003 ESPYs
Mao Tse Tsung - rare Public Enemy track
Military Ridaz
- (from Soldiers at War CD - Chuck D and others)

MLK Public Enemy PSA - from By the Time I Get to Arizona single
Mumia 911 Diamond D Mix - various artists with Chuck D
Mumia 911 Fatlip Mix - various artists with Chuck D
Mumia 911 Rocks Tha World Mix - various artists with Chuck D
Mumia 911 West Coast Radio Mix - various artists with Chuck D
New Agenda - Janet Jackson and Chuck D
Nighttrain (Get Up Get Involved Throwdown Mixx) - from Nighttrain single
Nighttrain (Pete Rock Strong Island Mt. Vernon meltdown) - from Nighttrain single
Only We Can Do This - Prince Akeem, Chuck D, Flavor Flav, and Professor Griff
PE 2000 - Rock Remix - Puff Daddy w/ mistachuck
Power to the People and the Beats - Utah Saints  w/ mistachuck
Rebel Without a Pause - Herb Alpert music version
Rise 'N' Shine - Kool Moe Dee w/ KRS One & Chuck D
Rumbo In Da Jungo - from the Streetfighter Soundtrack
Shut Em Down (Pete Rock Mixx) - from Shut Em Down single
Son of Public Enemy - (Flavor Whop Version)
So Whatcha Gonna Do Now Drive By Sh#t Mix - Public Enemy
Survival aka Black Survivors - Bob Marley w/ Chuck D (Thanks RapMan77!)
The 13th Message-Livin In A Zoo - from CB4 Soundtrack
The Enemy Assault Vehicle Mixx - from Brothers Gonna Work It Out Summer Slammer
The Hot 1 - Flavor Flav solo
The Ole B#tch-U-Worryz - Professor Griff & Chuck D
Time To Come Correct - Prince Akeem & Chuck D
UNdisputed - The Artist w/ Chuck D
War - Chuck D Vs Ticc-tacc (Featuring Ambersunshower)
We Wit It - The Treacherous 3 & Chuck D
Where Ya At - Various Artists w/ Chuck D
Where Ya At (extended remix) - Various Artists w/ Chuck D

Revolverlution Interview Disc with Chuck D
(CD was released around 2002 release of Revolverlution)

01 - Intro
02 - So its been about 15 years youve been doing this
03 - What is revolverlution about
04 - Thats kind of revolutionary
05 - The last album you had back in 1999
06 - Will this album be an internet only album
07 - And youll be distributed by who
08 - Is Public Enemy going to be touring and where
09 - How do you explain your diversified fan base
10 - A lot of the artists today dont have a stage show
11 - The record companies dont develop the artists
12 - How did the collabo you did with my man Paris come about
13 - Who are some of the producers other than Johnny Juice
14 - So you have studios in the South East and West
15 - Were gonna shoot our video in Boston
16 - Why did you choose Boston to shoot the video
17 - What are the PESAs about
18 - How does Public Enemy fit in todays Bling Bling society
19 - Who did the cover work on this album
20 - Who did the first PE covers
21 - The album is going to be released when
22 - When is the first single coming out
23 - How do you get by that
24 - Could it also be the fact that you dont answer to any Yes Men
25 - What is your favorite Public Enemy single
26 - What shouldve been a time celebratin
27 - That explains your humble persona
28 - Are you a spiritual person
29 - Thats pretty heavy for a 19 year old
30 - What do you think the future of Rap Music will be
31 - Why do you embrace the internet so much
32 - How is Flava Flav doing
33 - Thank you

An Interview with Chuck D
(CD was released around 1994 release of Muse Sick In Hour Mess Age)

Listing of All Questions - You might wanna download this before listening to the answers so you know what mistachuck is talking about...

Answer 01
Answer 02
Answer 03
Answer 04
Answer 05
Answer 06
Answer 07
Answer 08
Answer 09
Answer 10
Answer 11
Answer 12
Answer 13
Answer 14
Answer 15
Answer 16
Answer 17
Answer 18
Answer 19
Answer 20
Answer 21
Answer 22
Answer 23
Answer 24
Answer 25
Answer 26
Answer 27
Answer 28
Answer 29
Answer 30
Answer 31
Answer 32
Answer 33
Answer 34
Answer 35

Public Enemy

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Public Enemy albums
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Public Enemy albums
Public Enemy albums
Public Enemy albums
Public Enemy albums
Public Enemy albums